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As the workplace changes, it can be difficult for leaders to keep up and experience successful leadership. For many of my clients who work with remote or global teams on a regular basis-the shift has been dramatic in just two short years! What started out as an accommodation is now business as usual; there’s no turning back at this point because these new tools are too convenient not to utilize them fully (and let’s face facts: if you don’t use technology like Zoom, Shift, email then your competitors will). This means that we need different strategies than ever before to experience successful leadership. Some of the challenges leaders are facing. Managing distractions. Making information accessible across departments. Keeping motivated employees connected through strong communication networks within their own organization. These are only a few of the challenges.

Staying on top

With all these new obstacles, it can be hard to stay on top of your game as a leader in this increasingly connected world. But there are strategies you can implement to ensure that you experience successful leadership despite the changes around you. Whether it’s using productivity tools like Trello, Shift, or keeping a close eye on your team’s mental health, there are plenty of ways to adjust your leadership style to fit the new landscape.

What matters most is that you’re adaptable and willing to try new things-if you can do that, then you’ll be well on your way to continued successful leadership in this ever-changing world.

Keep communication concise.

In order to make sure that remote collaboration is effective, it’s important for managers and executives alike communicate in a clear manner. Managers should adopt new tools like instant messaging or email when communicating with their team members who work remotely. Don’t rely solely on face-to face conversations. Face to face only have been shown to not be as productive due the increased time constraints imposed by traveling between locations. In addition they must also use video conferencing services if possible because this allows people from different sites/departments interact without having any physical separation between them whatsoever. Phone calls might seem suffice at first glance since you can speak directly into someone’s ear, many people find that this can still be difficult since an emotional disconnection is possible.

Set achievable goals.

Without clear goals, remote work can be a chaotic mess. This is because there’s no one person or group of people who know what needs to get done and how it should get completed; this leads managers into treacherous territory when deciding which tasks are most important versus others – leading them down an accountability rabbit hole where nobody ever gets anything done! The best way around these issues? Setting achievable targets for yourself as well as your team members so everyone knows where their responsibilities lie within any given project (from senior management on up) before they dive in head first without planning whatsoever.

Invest in tools that make remote work easier.

For leaders, it’s imperative to use the best tools possible for communication purposes when working with remote employees. This means investing in the likes of Trello or Asana (among many others) so that everyone can see who is doing what and when; this helps to unlock any potential roadblocks that may otherwise arise in the workplace and makes it easier for leaders to keep track of everything from a macro (i.e., big picture) standpoint versus having to micromanage their employees all day long.

Celebrate your team

What’s it mean to celebrate your team? Acknowledge, recognize, and appreciate them and their contributions and sacrifices they make for you and the team. The best leaders have always understood the importance of gratitude and recognition in keeping employees happy—and they’re even more important in a climate where retaining good employees is a top priority. Make sure you’re letting your employees know how much you appreciate them and promoting their hard work and innovation as widely as you can. Include shout-outs and recognition as a regular part of meetings and communications. Recognition makes a huge difference.

Effective leadership is more important than ever in the face of today’s challenges. By being adaptable, clear in your communication, and investing in the right tools, you can set your team up for success no matter where they’re working from. And don’t forget to show your appreciation-a little recognition goes a long way in keeping your team motivated and connected. With successful leadership, you can create a truly global workforce and succeed in the changing world of work.

Encourage work–life balance.

Studies show that when people work from home, they put in longer hours than they would if they came into an office. That makes work–life balance a more important consideration than ever. Don’t just talk about it—lead by example and set clear expectations about protecting personal time. Balance and flexibility lead to a more relaxed culture and happier employees.

A key factor to successful leadership is making sure that employees feel supported outside of the workplace. It’s not just about how you lead people in the office. Successful leaders must be willing to accommodate their employees’ unique needs. To go out of their way to make sure that workers feel like they have a healthy work-life balance. This can include things like flexible working hours or generous vacation policies, as well as taking an interest in people’s hobbies outside of work and offering support and mentorship opportunities to help your employees grow.

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Overall, the most important thing is that you’re open-minded and willing to adapt as new technologies and trends emerge. If you can do that, then you’ll be well on your way to continued successful leadership in this ever-changing world.


Looking to become a successful leader in the modern workplace? Change will be gradual, there are steps you can take to stay adaptable and lead your team effectively. From investing in the right tools to maintaining work-life balance. There are many things you can do to foster success. Do this both on an individual level and as a whole team. With the right mindset and dedication, you can create a truly global workforce. Plus, to thrive in the changing world of work. So take the time to focus on your team. Give them the support they need to succeed.

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