Closing your Leadership Gap through Apps, Books and Coaching

About Me

Hello, I’m Todd McKeever!

You may have come to this blog site for various reasons, even accidental. After landing here, you may begin to see there may be a reason you are here. My goal is to give Leadership Help to you in your ministry and/or leadership. Let’s work together to simplify your strategies, create a manageable and scalable plan. You can finally feel confident enough about what you’re creating to actually see things GROW to match the effort you put in. 

This Leadership Help will be accomplished by:

  • A coaching relationship between us. (Time investment varies due to your choice but usually 1 hour a week)
  • Resources and courses that I come up with that will answer questions and needs you have. (Time commitment varies depending on what resource you choose, maybe 10-15 minutes weekly).
  • Book reviews and the tribes that will be built around those books. (Time investment is short and quick maybe 5 minutes when book reviews post).
  • Subscribing to this blog so over time you will reap the benefits of this tribe. (Time investment weekly for 2-3 minutes a week. I only post 1 time a week).

ABC Leadership Coaching

How I Will Provide Leadership Help to You!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed. Paralyzed by your to-do list. Not seeing your results match your effort. Maybe the number of books and conferences that you attend not match your productivity results, here’s how I can assist in your Leadership Help…

Together we design your coaching journey with care

I know the impact that coaching can have and I know how to design a custom experience to help achieve the outcomes YOU need. I use what I’ve learned over more than a three decades of consulting and in the trenches experience to deliver a customised process that is transformational for the people and teams I work with.

Your coaching plan is tailored to you.
I will spend time and great care crafting your individual coaching journey so that each session addresses your goals and challenges and builds together to create a crescendo of clarity, insight and powerful change.

Every part of your experience is carefully considered and I will honor the time and energy you bring to your coaching journey.

Although we may meet through Zoom sessions, each experience will still bring a high level of care to crafting your coaching experience. You can be assured that through each coaching time we will create a supportive space for your ideas, a creative process that feels energising and engaging.

Schedule A Call to Discover More.

But it isn’t just about the feel-good stuff.
I have more than three decades of experience and my coaching approach is grounded in evidence-based techniques, proven diagnostic tools and practical business support. The stuff you usually only find in corporate environments but that I believe should be accessible to entrepreneurs and small business owners, too.

Finally, when the formal coaching relationship is over, the support doesn’t stop. I walk alongside you, always, as you move through the next steps.


Set clear goals using an action-focused plan. Then work towards each step with regular deep-dive coaching sessions.


Keep momentum going with continuous access to coaching support, valuable resources and inspiration.


Get regular, helpful feedback from key stakeholders, as well as instant progress reports to keep you on the right track.

If you want to network with me beyond this blog, here are some places to connect. Please make sure you mention you are coming from here or I may never accept the invite to connect. When I can’t place where I know people, I tend to ignore the invites.

You also might be interested to know:

I am married to my best friend, Rachel. We have three incredible gifts from God, Jenelle, Camille, and Zachary. Some activities that I enjoy are fishing with my family, reading about leadership, task management, and all things Macintosh plus not to mention all things gadgets. I read 100-150 books a year am completely terrified of all snakes regardless of size or kind.

I have served in full-time pastoral ministry since 1992. During these years I have served as a pastor in states like Iowa, Florida, the Greater DC area, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kentucky.

Some of my God-given opportunities to provide Leadership Help outside the walls of where I have pastored have included:

  • Serving as Open Bible Central KidsMin Director
  • Executive Operations Coordinator for Kidology
  • Central Region Ministry Coach
  • National and International Kidology Coach
  • National Trainer for Kids Quest USA and Character Connex
  • Speaking at camps, conferences plus numerous seminars, along with many other opportunities.

I have been featured in:

Kidology     Kids Ministry Collective